Top Tips for SENCOs

TEAMI have been approached by a magazine and asked for my views on the following:

How should SENCOs involve parents in the decision making process and plan for their child?

What can SENCOs do to improve co-production and communication in general?

What types of questions do you think parents will be asking of SENCOs over the next year?

What top tips would you give SENCOs to improve their relationship with parents?

What would your top tips be?  If you could stand in front of a room of SENCOs, what would you tell them?


3 responses to “Top Tips for SENCOs

  1. Communication has got to be the key requirement to build up a trusting relationship with parent/Carers, who should be listened to acknowledged as an equal ‘expert’. A SENCO who is passionate and goes that extra mile in finding out about a child’s difficulties or diagnosis really helped us as a family….

    I do think the development of the Local Offer will help too – with other services apart from the statutory ones been made more available and accessed more easily?

    I’ve heard some interesting reviews on the TAMHS project too but concerned that this will put more pressure on the SENCO role, but guess individual schools will respond differently…..

    Many thanks for the opportunity to respond.

  2. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I will find out” – and then go away and find out and report back to the parent!

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