August challenge

So, here we are. 31 July – only 21 weeks to Christmas (stop swearing, you will thank me for the heads up, I promise).

July has been a month of true Chaos here. We started with a stomach bug, initially my youngest, followed by his sister (which meant her missing her Rainbow’s sleepover), then my eldest got in on it, followed again by my youngest and then yours truly. Then one day clear, my crew returned home from school and we discovered the joys of chickenpox! For the second time – yes, it is possible; yes, you can get it twice.

This led us nicely into the summer holidays and one week in, here we are – end of July.

So I am setting myself an August challenge. I will post everyday (you lucky lot)! I will share with you the real joys of living in Chaos in Kent.

I can see lots of other challenges out there – including 30 day squat challenge and 30 day ab challenge but why would you want to do those?

What have you got planned for August? Will you be “squatting”?


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